About Afsoon

Afsoon is an Iranian artist. She spent her childhood in Iran and youth in California before settling in London in 1988. Her nomadic life is reflected in her work where East merges with West, and the result is simultaneously familiar and foreign.

Afsoon is unafraid to combine text and images as well as various techniques such as linocut, photography, collage and etching in a single piece. Though her art is frequently deeply personal, it contains multiple meanings and speaks to different people in a myriad of ways. Despite the layered interpretations and methods, her work is not convoluted and the viewer is easily engaged as her art can be humorous, playful and sophisticated all at once.

Her works have been extensively exhibited and can be found worldwide in prominent collections and museums, including the British Museum, LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum), and the Berger/YSL Collection amongst others