Fairytale Icons

Not just any queen (2011)

The king and his queen(2011), Mossadegh(2009)

Nasserdin shah (2010), the Constitutionalists (2010)

Googoosh(2010), Muhammad ali(2010)

Shah and his three Queens(2009)

Tehran conference. let’s play boys(2009)

While the world watched, three leaders met in Tehran to determine the course of history. Three little boys were grown up men now and liked to play with real versions of their childhood toys. “Tehran Conference. Lets play boys.”



Morrocan reflection (2012/2013)

As a child, I was told many fairytales of beautiful princesses and brave heroes. They faced life’s challenges and always emerged happy and victorious. I believed in fairytales. My chosen icons lived expectantly, hoping, wishing, dreaming. They were loved, admired and fulfilled many of their hopes and dreams. But what happened to them in the end? Did these fairytale icons really live happily ever after? And if not, what chance do we have of a fairytale ending?