Separation and unity 2009

How do we fall in love? What is it that we want? Are we successful? Are we healthy? Can a piece of paper folded seven times help? Or a small bronze disc with abstract patterns etched by hand? Talismans come in many forms. Repeat a word over and over and sense it take the shape of something more powerful. Put a copper disc with a drawing of a naked couple under the pillow of your lover and see the change, make a baby, stay happy forever. Bury a prayer in the garden of your enemy and see them fall. Blow over the heads of travellers and make their journey safe.

For centuries talismans have played a part in many different societies all over the world. The lucky pen or interview suit, as well as more exotic or sinister items, embody the belief that a tangible object can do something so intangible as making someone fall in love. The power of a talisman lies in believing in it.

The seasons of love talisman (2008)

The relationship of the talisman lovers evolves through the seasons. The innocent, uncertain buds of spring blossom in the fierce, intertwined growing passion of summer which slows, matures and sheds its extravagances in autumn and gives way to winter when, together still but now as individuals again, they look forward to rediscovering the renewd buds of early spring.